1. empathic wall
    “empathic wall” is a live performance during a exhibition opening. Someone hit his head continuously to a wall. While he does this for minuets the wall starts to bleed. The Idea is to visualize somebody in a desperate state of mind, that even the outer world can´t handle it any more.
  2. Puhelinpuu
    Puhelinpuu is a "telefontree" where 10 mobile phones hang. Next to it a Information plate like in a Zoo. There you see pictures from10 endangered Bird species, the population rates and for each bird a telephone number. Original Bird voices are used as ring tones
  3. Chromosome
    The picture material was filmed during the art residence in Riga / Latvia 2008. It shows the view of a train bridge over the river Daugava at dawn, where the restless seagulls make their rounds. The Video collage streams from top to bottom, the viewer can see a metal structure that reminds of a never ending DNA-string. The bridge and border between us all, "Chromosome"
  4. Maskottchen saft
    The Work “Maskottchen Saft” is a video installation from 2006. The video shows how someone put a maskotti in a mixer. During mixing, the maskotti lose the form, the inside turns out. The cotton and the rest fabric gets presented on a stand as a sculpture.
  5. it´s easy, it´s like breathing.
    each bear is`80 x 40x 50 cm plastic, vacuumcleaner, DMX-Multiswitch international sculpture triennial Poland/ Poznan, “Zamek” Plastic is sewn into a form of two big teddy´s. Teddy’s are connected with vacuum cleaner pipes and -turbines. The rhythm of inflating and deflating of the teddy´s is given by a 4 channel MultiDim DMX, the timer of the machine controls the on- and off- function of the turbine´s. When one is active the other one is passive, air will be transported from one teddy to the other teddy.
  6. ISO Nalle
    This element represents the description field.
  7. Die Welle
    Die Welle at Bremer Kunstfrühling 2011/ Deutschland 70 qm / ca.1000 recyceld plastic-bags heat-sealed together, Ventilator, DMX switch pack