CV / Sebastian Ziegler

CV / Sebastian Ziegler


2000 – 06 at the University of Arts Bremen, Germany / Atelier für Zeitmedien bei J.F. Guiton

Diploma in Fine Arts = Master of Fine Arts

Member of: 

BBK-Bremen / Germany

Arte ry Turku / Finland

EKKy Turku / Finland

Up coming:

2024 See, Saw, Seeds Residence exchange project C.A.P. Kobe coming to Turku.

2024 King Solomon Atelier, Bendix Art Building, Down Town Los Angeles (Solo)


2022 C.A.P., Residency and Exhibition, Public sculpture, Kobe / Japan (videokaffe) 

2021 Supermarket 2021 Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Exhibition /Sweden (videokaffe)

2021 Northern Lights” video screening, Chicago IL, Duluth MS, MING Studio, BoiseID, U.S.A.

2021 Open Source Gallery, Stream performance, Brooklyn, NY / USA (videokaffe)

2020 New Performance Turku Festival / Space Between Us / Turku, Finland(videokaffe)

2020 CICA Museum, project Art Teleported, Queens / New York (videokaffe)

2019 Wallstreet Stockholm Nacka Joshua Tree, Public Sculpture commission (videokaffe)

2019 Supermarket Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Exhibition/Sweden (videokaffe)

2018 LIFT- New Dimension of Media, Arts & Culture, Helsinki /Finland(videokaffe)

2018 Artist talk/ Performance at Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn/ New York (videokaffe) 

2017 New Performance Turku Festival 2017, Finland (AKUvisualacupuncture)

2017 Work for the project “In Public- In Particular,” Turku, Finland (AKUvisualacupuncture) 

2016 Art project at PARSONS, The new school of Design/ New York (A.K.U. visual acupuncture) 

2014 Organizing an experimental art Seminar “City as a living organism.”

Pro artibus and Novia in Tammisaari/ Ekenäs/ Finland (Aku visual acupuncture) 

2014 Performance at “Craft of use” Seminar, London College of fashion/ London/U.K.

2013 Performance at Fashion and Social design Seminar, Aalto University, Helsinki 

2010 “A.K.U. – visual acupuncture” environmental art/ performance/U.S.A./ New York

2008 “Ich Liebe Dich”/Audio Installation in 3 public streets/Germany/funded by city Bremen




2021/22 interactive Public art sculpture, title “Fungi Luciferin” for Turku 2029 foundation

2021 NOMAD by Torrance Art Museum, Exhibition / Los Angeles ,CA, USA

2020 SIGN+, Exhibition, Groningen / Netherlands (videokaffe)

2019 Supplyframe, DesignLAB Gallery, Exhibition, Pasadena/ Los Angeles (videokaffe) 

2018 AAVE festival, Exhibition in gallery Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki /Finland(videokaffe) 

2016 Gallery Anhava, Exhibition Helsinki, Finland (videokaffe)

2016 TI-LA, Yväskylää, Exhibition Finland (videokaffe)

2016 One Art Space gallery in Manhattan, Exhibition/ New York (videokaffe)

2016 Open Source gallery in Brooklyn, Exhibition/ New York (videokaffe)

2015 Sika gallery exhibition + residency on Bali / Indonesia (AKUvisualacupuncture) 

2015 Titanik gallery exhibition / Turku, Finland (videokaffe)

2015 HUUTO gallery exhibition/ Helsinki, Finland (videokaffe)

2013 “videokaffe” interactive video sculptures/ Finland/ Turku, Galleria Titanik

2012 “Licht über Licht” sculptures/ Finland/ Helsinki, Galleria Huuto- Uudenmaankatu 

2009 “Befehl zur Freiheit” kinetic sculptures/ Finland/ Helsinki, KaapelinGalleria  

2008 “Under the surface” installation/ Latvia/Riga, Latvijas Makslinieku savieniba

2007 “will you live with me …” sculptures, with Aho/ Germany/Bremen, gallery Herold 

2006 “it´s easy, it´s like breathing” video/ Canada/Quebec city, L`oeil de poisson

2006 “Melted Paradise” sculptures, with Aho/ Finland/ Helsinki, gallery Myymälä2



2014 ÄäniKuvaKokemus”WAM Turku,Finland(videokaffe)

2014 Phihatalo exhibition/ Rauma/ Finland (videokaffe)

2014 “videokaffe” at Wassaic project, art&music festival/U.S.A./ New York 

2013 “Foerderpreis 2012” sculptures/ Germany/ Städtische Galerie Bremen 

2012 “Fluxations” environmental art festival/performance/ Finland/Turku

2011 “Live Herring” interactive sculpture”Puhelinpuu”/ Finland/ Saarijärvi Museum 

2011 “T[raum]a – Die Phobie als Muse” Kunstfrühling 2011/ Germany/ Bremen 

2011 “Flux Aura” environmental art festival/performance/Finland/Turku 

2010 “Erased Walls” video work/ Germany/ Berlin, Mediations Biennial

2009 “SKjL 09 VUOSINÄYTTELY” Finland/ Kouvola Art Museum

2009 “The Crisis of the Genre” International Sculpture Triennial/ Poland/ Poznan 

2009 “Ecology of the Emotions”with Heini Aho/Finland/ XIV MÄNTTÄ Art Festival 

2007 “2007 Luleå Summer Biennal” sculptures, with Aho/ Sweden/ Luleå art hall



2014 SAARI production Residence/ KONEEN SÄÄTIÖ/Finland(videokaffe) 

2013 2-month residence on Tammisaari/ PRO ARTIBUS/Finland (A.K.U. visual…) 

2012 Sfakiotes residence/ Greece

2008 1 month stipend residence in Riga/ from B.B.K. Bremen/ Latvia


2023 KONE foundation (workgoup: Elonkirjo-puisto) 25 % for 2-year video documentation

2022 Taike,Turun Kaupunki,SKR, travel grant workgroup videokaffe (C.A.P. Kobe, JAPAN)

2021 Taike/ Näyttöapuraha,Turku 2029 foundation, Taike, travel grant L.A. U.S.A.

Frame travel grant, Turun Taideyhdistys, (U.S.A. trip, short-film screening)

2020 Alfred Kordelin,Turun Taideydistys ry, Taike, Frame

2019 Turun Taideydistys ry, Taike 

2018 Taike, SKR

2017 Taike/ Näyttöapuraha,

2016 Taike, travel grant NY, work group videokaffe 

Frame, travel grant N.Y., work group videokaffe 

Taike, The Arts Council of Varsinais-Suomi

2015 Taike, workgroup videokaffe (LUDA st.Petersburg) 

Svenska Kulturfonden, workgroup Aho, Nyberg, Ziegler (Bali)

Taike, workgroup Krappala, Kela, Aho, Ziegler 

KONE foundation, Frame

2014 Taike/ Näyttöapuraha, Frame workgroup videokaffe,

2013 Suomen Taideyhdistys, Paulon Säätiö, Varsinais-Suomen taidetoimikunta, 

Turun kaupungin kultturilautakunta, Avek, Taiteen edistämiskeskus

2012 Visek, Varsinais- Suomen taidetoimikunta, Taiteen keskustoimikunta

2010 SKR Myrsky 1year Photo/Video art workshop with youngsters, “LOOPI-Kids”